Wait So Whats Tech? Part 3 The Blue Screen Of DEATH!

So Your Just Scrolling Through The Web While Playing Roblox While Shopping On Ebay While Playing Fortnite While Watching Ninjago On Netflix While Eating pizza While Spamming Your Mouse and Have 32 tabs in google Then roblox crashes, Then Your Mouse Stops, Google Stops Responding. Your Ebay Order Is Cancelled. You Didnt Get Victory royal. The Ultimate Battle Stops And Lloyd Loses And You Drop Your Pizza then YOUR SCREEN TURNS BLUE! this Is Called The Blue screen Of Death Your Computer is Working Too Hard and It Dies Not Of Battery Of RAM! And On Your Screen You See

Image result for the blue screen of death windows 10And It Takes 3 Hours To Reset. This Is The End Of This Part Now Next Part, CMD. OOF!

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