Useful websites for learning by Zaynap

In my class, my teacher has been sharing some useful websites for us to go on when we go home and practice what we have been learning.I decided that i should share these website with you.Enjoy!


Literacy Shed

This website is perfect to use when you want to practice writing and get better.How it works is you watch a clip about anything and you have to write about what you watched.if you don’t know what to write it has a few suggestion so you could get some ideas.


My Mini math

Not good at math? I have the best website to offer! On there you could practice your math that you have been learning in class. From year 3 to year 6 it has the school curriculum and everything you need to know for the year! Just click on the year your in and pick the subject! The best thing is that it has that for Monday to Friday so each day it get’s harder and harder.



On spellzone you can practice your spelling with games sheet’s ect… What makes this website good is that it’s not teaching the spellings in a boring way, but instead its teaching it in a fun way. If your not sure how to pronounce the word it has a sound button and a voice says the word.


These are all the websites so far. Use these to your advantage and learn!

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