The Jungle Book review

The Jungle Book

Author: Rudyard Kipling

Illustrator: Mike Spoor

Genre: Fiction, fantasy, adventure, animal story


The jungle and the Village.


Name: Shere Khan

Personality: Mean, cruel, sly and cunning

Physical appearance: Black and orange 

How I feel about this character and why: I feel bad because he tried to kill Mowgli


  1. Shere khan attacked Mowgli laughed and toddled into the jungle.
  1. Shere khan died and so did Mowgli’s wolf parents that he had since a mancub #baby
  2. He goes to live in the village with his mother and baby brother.

Cause and affect

Cause:                                               Effect:

Mowgli kills shere khan                    The whole village hates him


My star rating

Why I rated the book 3 1/2 stars because they had momentum at the beginning but kind of lost it at the end


This book made me feel sad and happy because sad because he left the jungle buthappy because he is with his real family.

The End  






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