The Jungle Book Review!

This book is called The Jungle Book.

The author is Rudyard Kipling and the illustrator is Mike Spoor.

The book is a non-fiction adventure story.

The setting in the story is mostly in the hot, steamy jungle.

The main events are:

Firstly, Mowgli lives in the jungle.

After that, he finally kills Shere Khan.

Finally, he lives in the village with his little brother and his mother.

My favorite character is Baloo because he is funny and brave.

Baloo is also fat, fluffy and tall. (to me he is anyway.)

In the story, Mowgli found the ankus and it killed five people.

I rate this story a 4/5.

I rated it a 4/5 because the book is great! But I didn’t like the ending that much.

And that’s my review on The Jungle Book.

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