Newspaper Report

                                              UFO Rocks Town


On Monday the fourth of June, a colossal UFO hovered over Bowker Vale Primary School (BVPS). A teaching assistant called Miss Webb, spotted the UFO and was stunned by it. Citizens outside of the school were sent into a trauma. Horror spread through Manchester and then the mayor put the town into lockdown: it was chaos.

At 2:30 PM, pupils were stunned in terror by a mind-blowing UFO stopping over their school- Bowker Vale. According to the teachers, pupils had to stay at school for an extra five hours due to Manchester being in lockdown. This ghastly event affected the whole of Manchester because nobody could go anywhere! One pupil said,” It came out of nowhere. What was it? I don’t know.”

After the UFO had been spotted, it caused havoc. Many of the population reported missing people. The UFO was destroying important buildings with what appeared to be a powerful laser. Over forty people were killed by the laser. After witnessing this frightful moment, Blackley’s community, who Bowker Vale Primary School, were terrified.

When police were alerted, they invacuated the area. Police were also told to prepare the city for lockdown. One officer quoted that his troop tried their best to protect Manchester. Police were rushing onto the scene to get people into secure buildings. It is thought that police assisted over two hundred people to safety.

The military had the job of shooting the UFO down. Once they recognized what the ship was made of, they invacuated because they knew that they could not shoot it down. Fifty percent of the soldiers did not make it out of that battle alive because they got killed by the UFO’s laser. Sergeant Nikolas said,” We tried our best, but we didn’t succeed and now some lives have been lost.”

Scientists believe that some alien life form was controlling the UFO. Some scientists are convinced that it was aliens controlling the ship; others believe that the ship was programmed to gt to Earth by some other being. Further investigations are going to be carried out.

The mayor of Manchester said,” Don’t worry. Scientists are investigating what happened.” This will be remembered as a horrific moment in English history. The Air Force are monitoring the sky and are ready for it to return again. 

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