Egyptian mummification😀

why did they do mummification ?

the Egyptians did mummification because they believed that one day you will come back to your body and you had to look your best and they believed you had to look your best in the after life too. stylish!👸

step by step to do mummifiction

1.first you need to get a dead body and wash it on a table. to get the brains out you need to get a long metal hook and put it up its nose and pull it out.

3.after that you open up the abdomen of the body and take all the organs and lungs out but leave your heart because the Egyptian god anubis caame to your body to weigh your heat to see if you had a good life or a bad one.

4.after they but your body in a substance called natron to let your body dry out

5.before they wrap it up they fill you up with herbs and spices

6.finally they wrap it up and put the body in a tomb.

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