Ancient Egypt Facts!!!!

Most ancient Egyptian pyramids were built as tombs for pharaohs and there families.Over 130 pyramids have been discovered in Egypt.Egyptian men and women wore make up and the pharaoh kept his hair covered.In the ancient Egyptians times,a dead body went through a process called mummification.

These are the steps of mummification.

  • Step 1 The body was put on the table and it was washed.
  • Step 2 Then they would take out the organs and put them in canopic jars.
  • Step 3 Next they would fill the body with stuffing.
  • Step 4 Now they would place the body in a bath full of natron
  • Step 5 After that they would put linen around the body and cover it with a sheet called shroud
  • Step 6 Finally the body was placed in a coffin called sacophagus.
  • These were the steps of mummification.
  • The Egyptian alphabet had 700 hieroglyphics.
  • the ancient Egyptians invented thng we still use now such has paper, pens, locks, keys and toothpaste.


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