Ancient Egypt By Umar

Our topic Ancient Egypt has been interesting to learn about because there are many intriguing facts about their life and culture. I enjoyed it, so I hope you enjoy these useful facts.

Ancient Egyptians were more modern than you think. When we were living in caves, they were living in mud houses and clay houses. Did you know Egyptians had over 2000 gods? When they mummified people, they would remove their organs and the the organs would be preserved in canopic  jars. The only thing that wouldn’t be removed was the  heart as the Egyptians believed the heart would be weighed  in the hall of death by Anubis to determine whether you were god or bad. The River Nile, which is approximately 4160 miles long, flooded once a year and left behind a special mineral called silt. This would help them grow crops to live on.

As the Egyptians built the iconic pyramids, they used the stars to mark out the base of the Pyramid so they could bury the kings. Kings were also known as a living Horus.




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