The jungle book review

Book title. The jungle book.

Author. Rudyard Kipling.

Illustrator. Mike Spoor


Event 1

Mowgli escapes Shere Khan.

Event 2

Shere Khan dies.

Event 3

Mowgli goes back to the village to care for his newborn baby brother.

The setting is in the jungle.

My favourite character is Shere Khan.

His personality is evil .

His physical appearace is a tiger.

How I feel about this character ad why. I like Shere Khan because he is cool.

Cause and effect of one of the events in the book.

Shere Khan gets killed in a stampede .

Mowgli is free.

This book made me feel excited because it has lots of suspence.

Why I rated this book 5 stars It is good it has suspence and lots of detail.

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