Things you didn’t know about Egyptian Mummies.

Do you think mummies are interesting? (They are interesting) Do you think they are awesome?

Well you will learn more about mummies here:

Mummies are dead and preserved pharaohs they have been preserved because the Egyptians believed that they may need their bodies in the afterlife and they must look there best in front of the gods

Fun Fact: The linen wrapped around a mummy can be up to 240 meters long!

Not so fun fact: The people who mummified a mummy took the mummies’ brain out through the nose by whirling a long metal hook up their nostrils and playing around with the brain and the poor brain would pour out of their nostrils’.

Mummification would cost alot of money (Yes that is true) and most people couldn’t afford it.

The body would be cut with a sharp piece of obsidian (a dark colored volcanic rock)

The heart would be left inside the body just in case the pharaoh needed it.

The other organs would be taken out and placed in canopic jars ( a canopic jar is a jar with Egyptian gods painted on to preserve the organs.

That is all.



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