The Jungle Book Review

The author of this book is Rudyard Kipling. The illustrator is Mike Spoor. The genre is fiction, fantasy, and an adventure.


One of the main causes is that Bagheera gives a bull to the wolves. The effect is that Mowgli stays in the wolf pack.



Set in the lush, beautiful jungle, a ferocious, cruel tiger called Shere Khan leads Mowgli into the jungle.

In the valley, Shere Khan dies.

The third main event is that Mowgli goes back to the village.






Shere Khan is a mean cruel tiger as heard in the 1st main event. He’s also very cunning and sly. His appearance is orange and black with stripes. I feel this character is very mean and stuff like that.





This book made me feel sad and happy. At the end he leaves his animal family alone, but he went back to Messua in the village. Also he has to teach his brother the jungle law.





I would rate this book a 3 1/2 out of 5.




I rated this book 3 1/2 because it’s not that good of a vocabulary.

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