The Jungle Book – the review

Book Title:

The Jungle Book______________

Author: Rudyard Kipling________

Illustrator: Mike Spoor_________

Genre (tick as many as apply to the book)




Y fiction

N non-fiction

Y fantasy

N humour

N other _______________ ___

N scary

Y adventure

N sports

Y animal story

N biography

N historical

N mystery


Event 1 Shere Khan attacked the village.                                                                   

Event 2 Shere Khan died by getting trampled by buffaloes.

Event 3 Mowgli grows up and lives in the village.


The jungle.


Name: Mowgli.

Personality: He is heroic, kind and gullible.

Physical Appearance: Mowgli has tanned skin, red pants and small eyes.

How I feel about this character and why: I feel happy for Mowgli because he went back to his true family, but I also feel sad for him because he left his jungle friends and family.

Cause and Effect of one of the events in the book

Cause —> Effect

Mowgli laughed at Shere Khan (Cause).

Shere Khan got affronted (Effect)

My star rating

I give this book 4/5 stars because there’s not much humor in the story.

This book made me feel emotional because lots of animals and people died, but…..


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