The jungle book review

Author Rudyard Kipling


This book is fiction, fantasy, adventure and an animal story.


Deep in the green, dark jungle a mysterious story unfolds.

Upset, worried,scared, Mowgli’s village was attacked by Shere Khan, a rude, vicious tiger. Mowgli finds another village and kills Shere Khan by making the buffaloes run over him. Mowgli finds his family and they live happy,Mowgli chooses the village family and not the jungle family.

Mowgli found the ankus and through it away because it was dangerous, men died because of the ankus.


Bagheera is kind and friendly, wise, helpful and funny some times. He’s a black panther and he has cute eyes. He is awsome and amazing because he is from the CAT family and I LOVE CATS SO MUCH!

This book made me feel sad and upset because Mowgli chooses the village and not the JUNGLE!

I rated this book 4 stars because i love the book ,but he chooses the village.

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