University Of Manchester Trip!

This is all about my trip to the university of manchester to learn about how to design our marble run. Hope you enjoy!

Science-We learned about variables and how each one is different.We also did a Can-can challenge to see if a liquid filled can or a dog food filled can can roll the furthest.Even though most people thought that the liquid filled can will go the furthest, the dog food filled can went the furthest because the pressure rose since there was more weight inside it.


Maths-We saw which items are 5 pound or less and which were more than 5 pound.Also,we did a challenge to make a 3D christmas decoration,but we could only use the scissors for 15 minutes or we had a (fake) 50p charge.


Computing-We worked on a website called crumble and it is very similiar to scratch but it has loads of others things to use outside of the computer like sparklers and servos.It was incredibly fun!


D.T (Design Technology)-First, we had our lunch since it was 12:30. Then when we started, we had to think about ideas our marble run could be based on. Ours was food, so we had to think extremely carefully. After that, we made up what our marble run will actually be based on, and we decided ours will be based on Bowker Vale.


Literacy-in this section we had to create an advert for our marble run using Imovie. It was very funny since it was based on superheroes.


Hope you enjoyed!

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