The wonders of a cat

This is a story about an odrdinary cat who turned into a hero. Ok so let’s begin. On a dark,winter night a family were staying in a hotel since they had many stresses throughout the week,so they thought this would cheer them up.It was the crack of dawn,only the sound of the wind in the busy world flew through the town,but something was wrong one person was awake a girl. Her name was Lucy Thomas. She couldn’t sleep she was too hungry and too bored. She decided to sneak down to the first floor to explore,but some one else was on her trail. A cat named Yoshi was awake. He saw the girl tip toe down the stairs. He followed her down stairs into the reception room. She didn’t notice the cat except she felt like some one was watching her. In fact two were watching her. There was a maid who seeked for the colour of children.You might think she’s nice ,but she’s a nightmare.Dressed as a caring lady with the heart of a demon. The maid saw the girl and came up to her.”Child this is no place for wondering around at this time, but you can come with me and be safe.”asked the maid. “Oh sure I mean i have nothing to do so ok.”replied Lucy.The maid invited her in kindly and asked her to sit next to the fireplace. The cat also followed on. The maid was about to steal the soal of the girl with a big,old hammer ,but the cat bit the maid and knocked her in the fire. The girl noticed what happened and they lived happily ever after. The end.

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