The magnificent beast !

Upon a rock in Thailand , stud a huge beast that had red , poisonous spines running down his hairy back . His head was ginormous and he had eyes as red as blood and a demon like grin. everyone thought he was a myth until today … It was a normal day down in the cold ice filled village but something seemed strange, a dark cloud or what was thought to be a cloud flew over the icy village everyone was shocked at the sight of this magnificent beast ! They fled into their homes and hid hoping the beast wouldn’t find them . The beast swung its powerful tail and all of the homes collapsed … They we’re still hiding but they didn’t know that he could see them all he wanted was some friends but nobody wanted him around and the other beasts left him out that made him feel miserable and left out ( nobody liked him ) . But one day the beast was face to face with someone he didn’t know and he announced ” ROAR please can we be friends i have nobody to play and have fun with .” 

sure that’s what i came here for everyone leaves me out because i have spines and they bully me .”said the crocodile 

and they were best friends forever . 

                                                              THE END     

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