Non-Chronological report of Ninja Wings!

Ninja Wings

Ninja Wings is one of a kind. He is frighting, but cool. It’s extra ordinary because it’s got a stealth mode.

Ninja Wings looks amazing. He has smooth, black scales with hints of red dotted around. However, his teeth are razor, sharp blades on each side of his mouth. He flies around with his majestic wings. Shockingly, it’s only medium sized. Gliding through the air, Ninja Wings uses his swift tail to pounce on his prey. Rarely, he shows his jagged blades on each side of his wings. Typically, they have eyes blacker than the night having a dull day. Where would they live to protect themselves?

It lives in Ninja Cave, which is near the Pacific Ocean. As it comes out at night, it’s feared across the land. Dragon Martial Arts is teached at the Ninja Cave for defence against predators. In the cave, there are relatives from across the world. As it’s near the sea, it has millions of fish to eat.

His diet is extra ordinary. Ninja Wings eats a lot of fish, but hates going into the sea! If he ever needs a small snack, then he eats mice. Would you ever see Ninja Wings eat a mouse? Big fisherman are a scrumptious meal for this dragon.

There are a lot of weird things about this dragon – weird, yet interesting. Surprisingly, dragons hate eels, which is peculiar because eels live in the sea like fish and they eat them. This particular dragon is also allergic to unicorns. Ninja Wings’s blades on his skin barely ever show, but when he gets angry you’ll see them. Only five species have been spotted and three have been captured.

Ninja Wings can turn people to stone and they travel at nine hundred and ninety nine million, nine hundred and ninety nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine. It’s an honour to own one.

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