Forest School: Week 3

This week at Forest School was probably one of the best days of my life! We had so much fun it was unbelievable. Let me go back to the very start of the session…

Mrs Nicholson was telling us what we were doing  for that session We were building up the dead hedge for 15 minutes and then we could have free play for the REST OF THE SESSION! Well, me and some of my friends went down the muddy, icky bank in Narnia. One of my friends saw a puddle and decide to make the puddle even bigger. It took half an hour to make it bigger. We were also sliding down it as well. It was so funny seeing everybody fall onto the mud. Near to the end of the session, we realized we hadn’t had our hot chocolate and biscuit. When we got to the Forest School circle every one else had nearly or finished their hot chocolate and biscuit. Forest School is an amazing lesson and we are so lucky to have these kind of facilities at our school. Also, I would like t say a big thank you to Mrs Nicholson and Mrs Cooke, who have both instructed our class in the previous years, for helping us to be safe in Forest School.

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