Facts about the Planets!

The biggest planet is Jupiter and the smallest planet is Mercury. Lots of people think there are nine planets, but actually Pluto doesn’t count as a planet it’s actually a dwarf planet. Here is a rhyme to remember all the planets. My Very Enthusiastic Monkey Jumped Slowly Under Noodles. The moon doesn’t actually move the Earth moves around the Sun. Right now, the only planet that we know of that has human life. Maybe we could potentially find life on other planets even Mars. One planet you definitely can’t travel to is Neptune because it’s to far away. I can’t really tell you how long it takes to get to Neptune because nobody has ever traveled¬†to Neptune. They would die before they get the chance to land on the planet. You may never know, in a couple of years we might be living on Mars or in a another planet that we could live on. My favorite planet is Neptune. I don’t have a reason because I just like how it looks. There’s a picture below.¬†

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