Our trip to Manchester university!

Our trip to the Manchester university was great!

We took part in subjects such as science, maths, computing
Design and technology and literacy. We learnt new things and learnt how to be an engineer. We also used crumble to make a LED light flash and we made a servo’s arm move by coding. In design and technology, we worked as a team to come up with ideas for our marble run. In maths, we worked together to sort out things that are £5 and under then we all made a Christmas decoration out of things that were under £5 (we used paper) In science we worked together to guess if the object was hard or soft, edible or not edible, and to see how long it was.In literacy, we all worked together to make a trailer. The trailer was great (even though we
didn’t finish it) I loved working with my partners Amira, Hadiar,
Aisha, Olivia and Mat. I also loved working with the teachers Mrs Mosely and Miss White. I loved my day at the Manchester university it was great!!!

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