The halleween trip

One night at October the 31st there was a loud band coming from a dark , spooky cave. Suddenly a cackle came from it to it sounded like a evil witch . The little boy and girl were trick and treating near it  “Whats that ” said Charles. “I’m scared ” said Hannah . They decided to walk closer and closer ” er… we should’t go near this house it looks evil” ,but Charles was brave ,so he went closer and knocked on the door and shouted “Trick and treat GIVE ME SOMETHING GOOD TO EAT!!!!!!! “Why did you do that said Hannah . suddenly, the door creaked open ” who is it?” said a voice coming from the door . “ITS A WITCH RUN”said Hannah “come here” said the witch ,but they managed to escape “HEHEHEHEHE ” said the witch .

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