Mount Agung’s shocking return!

Mount Agung first erupted in 1843 then 1963 and now in 2017. Mount Agung is also known as Gunung Agung. Mount Agung is a active volcano. The volcano is set in Karangasem regancy east Bali Indonesia. In 1963 1,600 people died because of the eruption. Also in 1963 it took 10 months for the eruption to stop.This year, a magmatic  eruption began early on Saturday 25 November. Most airlines cancelled their flights because of this dangerous eruption. At 23:37 26 November another frightful eruption occurred. Evacuation did not take place, untill the very last minute. The ash cloud top reached so far 3842 meters and 12,605 ft above sea levels. Mount Agung has shown recent increased volcanic activity. As of September 29 2017, no ash clouds have been visable. A white plume of approxomantly 100 metres can be seen emerging continuasly from the crater and moving to the west. The volcano is 70 kilometers away from the airport and the tourist spots.

I wonder how long this eruption will last for? Wil it last for 10 months? Who knows.

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