Mount Agung

By Ali

Mount Agung is a volcano in Bali that first erupted in 1963 18 Februay now it is starting to erupt.The airport is closed and people have to sit on the floor the reason why the planes could not fly is because the smoke in the air is full of chemicals an it could effect the engines and they will not be able to see.The most you would have seen is steam rising up which was simply the water inside the volcano heating up and coming out of its surface. The mix of volcanic ash and lava that make up the mountain is like a sponge and in rainy Indonesia the water soaks onto it and is held there until it gets heated up.


At night, a orange glow at the surface of the crater because the lava is so hot. The magma is at the surface and as it reaches the surface it becomes known as lava.the ash and the rock storing in around the volcano when it joins with rain it is very dangerous for humans because it can push you and kill you.



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