Mount Agung in an active volcano in Karangasem Regency in east Bali,70 kilometres away from the airport and the tourist spots.

The last time it erupted was 1963,claiming 1,600 lives as at that time evacuation did not take place until the very last minute,(unlike this year were evacuation has already taken place).

What is causing all this?

Mount Agung has shown recent increased volcanic activity.There has been significant increase in seismic activity,ampulitude and other volcanic inictors.

As of september 29 2017,no ash clouds have been visable.A white plume of approxametly 100 metres can be seen emerging continuously from the crater and moving to the west.

Which would be affected areas in case of eruption?

The centre of the Volcanology and Geological Hazard mitigation created a map indicating the affected areas and evacuated route.The only affected tourist areas are Amed and sidemen and some attractions are closed like the famous temple of besakih .

Candidasa,23 km away from the volcano is safe.It is said that life must go on per normal in this area although it might get buisier as some evacuatees have taken refuge in this area.

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