Active volcano in Bali!

Two months ago,the people of Bali found out there was an active Volcano called Mount Agung. Naturally,every on was panicking but, to make matters worse the airports around Bali cancelled all the flights! How will they get home? Where will they sleep? Will they survive? You might be thinking,”why are they cancelling the flights?” Well let me tell you something first,any were near the volcano will have chemicals and toxins in the air which is very bad for your health so, if an airplane does go around Mount Agung it might result in some people’s death.Unfortunately,some of the residents were forced to sleep on the airport floor while they wait for their flight.This of course is not new for the police,in fact they have been preparing for this for months!Suprising huh?Here’s a fact actually, the last time a volcano erupted in Bali was in 1963.The government of Bali,are on high alert they recommend that people should stay at least 12 miles away if you want to be “safe”

This is a very unfortunate event for the people of Bali but,lets hope that they will be safe.

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