The generous teachers in Year 6

The children in Year 6W  are extremely lucky to have such great teachers to teach us . In our class our teacher is Mr Worell , who is sometimes strict , but we all know it is for are own benefit . He is a natural at reading and his mind – blowing expressions can’t be put into words ! We also have Miss Webb she supports us when we are stuck or in need of assistance . She is really talented in art and I am 100% sure you will agree too . On Wednesday , Mrs Griffen teaches us RE and French, which is always really enjoyable. It gets even better because on the same day are samba teacher comes in to do samba , it is where we play and learn new tunes on different instruments such as : Surdo , Agogo Bells and  Ganzers . At first it was hard to learn how to play in time all together , but gradually we got the hang of it .

We appreciate all the teachers that support us with our learning . Thank You!!!

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