Manchester United vs Liverpool!

Manchester United are obviously better than Liverpool because Liverpool has problems with their team. E.G. Their defense is weak. Their defenders are not consistently good. However, as a Manchester United fan I have to say they do have some good areas in their team. Mohammad Salah is an amazing player, but compared to Romelu Lukaku, come on who’s better(leave your thoughts in the comments below.) I have to admit Manchester United aren’t perfect themselves, they may or not have some problems with their win streaks. I mean be honest if Manchester United are on a win streak their performance would drop in a matter of weeks. Now, lets go to one of Liverpools weaknesses out of one million. It’s called Clean Sheets! Liverpool have had trouble with keepers for the last couple of seasons. They have Mignolet who was absolutely rubbish, then out of nowhere they buy Loris Karius. Guess what! He turned out to be rubbish aswell. Let’s focus on one of Manchester United’s strong points. David De Gea! People say he’s off to Spain, but I don’t care. He’s (in my opinion)the best goalkeeper in the world and he can perform wonders in a game. I’ve been dreading this part in writing this, I have to write about Manchester United’s biggest weakness! Consistently drawing matches over and over again with teams like Liverpool 0-0 and Stoke 2-2. No offence to Stoke or Liverpool! I’m also sad to say that we lost to Chelsea and Huddersfield. Right now I need to decide who’s worst Ashley Young or Joel Matip. There both  defenders and they’re both rubbish! I think Ashley Young is just about better. Being honest I think that both teams are quite good and none of them have been relegated in the last three seasons which is kind of an accomplishment for Liverpool, but it’s normal for Manchester United. Right it’s time to ask one question that’s really important? Who’s a better manager Jurgen Klopp or Jose Mourinho? I personally think Jose Mourinho because he’s quite tactical with his plans. Now the biggest question of all. Who’s better Manchester United or Liverpool? 

In the comments below I want as many of you to comment on who you think is better Manchester United or Liverpool F.C? 

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