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Many years ago, there was an amazing boy who discovered his passion for chocolate by eating a loud of Brussel Sprouts. His story goes a little bit like this…..


Rafael Falcon was an ordinary nine year old boy. Every Saturday Night he had to bear with his dreaded babysitter. She made him eat Brussel Sprouts every time he was hsving fun. “These are good for you! Here have some more and more and more!” Bellowed Nancy Tarsh or Nancy Harsh for Rafael. He wanted to know what her deep, dark secret was. Maybe she had been out under a magic spell by a despicable, diabolical witch. Or she had just never had any fun in her life. “Have you ever heard of fun? You know the feeling you get when you’re enjoying yourself?” Questioned the boy in a puzzled way.

”FUN! I have never heard of such a word!” Exclaimed the tedious babysitter.

The next day, Rafael looked into his worn-out cupboard

and saw a purple wrapper. Glossy, smooth chocolate with a delicate purple wrapper covering it. Well that’s what it said on the wrapper. “Mum what’s choc-olat-e?” Shouted Rafael.

”It’s time I told you about chocolate. Chocolate is amazing. It’s like Christmas with birthdays in food. Me and your dad have always craved the stuff, but  I had to give it up when you were born. I don’t want you fraternising with the stuff. Your teeth will fall out or even worse the dentist will take it out. Your dad should know he’s had twelve teeth taken out in just one month. He even set a new world record.” Blurted his mother as quick as saying taramasalta five times. Now every week he had one bar of chocolate and it was fine because he aleays brushed his teeth twice a day and they were squeaky clean. That’s how Rafael Falcon learned about the glorious thing we call chocolate. This is the mind-blowing part. On a splendid summer day, an echoing voice boomed acrosd his school and time froze. “It is I the Chocolate Founder Nicholas Croissant I want you to embark on a treacherous journey to the forbidden Chocolate Palace and retrieve the golden chocolate!” Shouted Nicholas Croissant.

“So wait a minute, your the chocolate founder, but your name is Nicholas Croissant. You want me to go to the chocolate palace and retrieve the golden chocolate and do my homework! No no no no way!” Cried the boy.

In the end he decided to take this apparently ‘treachorous’ journey in the country of Tokyo. Rafael went there on a new type of transport called a Hoverboard! It was abdolutely awesome! When I got there I saw the guard and had to name five different types of chocolates. Trust me I made most of them up. Come on who believes that Tars(copied Mars Bars), Ralteasers(copied Malteasers), Zilkyway(copied Milkyway), Jounty(copied Bounty), and Knickers(copied Snickers) are actually all chocolates. The next part was easy. All you had to do was skateboard on the chocolate ramp whilst the sun was melting it and do a trick. When Rafael finally reached the place Nicholas Croissant spoke again. “This was all just a test to see if you have got what it takes to become the next Chocolate Scientist! Are you going to take the job! Questioned Nicholas.

“Of course I am! I’ve heard about chocolate scientists, they sound amazing! Screamed the boy.

“Congratulations!” Shrieked Nicholas.

Three years later, Rafael Falcon became the most famous Chocolate Scientist in the world. He even created his own chocolate. Falcon Bars! People loved it! There was only one problem though. Nancy Tarsh wanted to make this chocolate dreadful and ruin his business…

Challenge: I’ve changed some letters in this chocolate. In the comments below please take a guess of what the actual chocolate is. The chocolate is Mairy Silk.

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