Chocolate#Chocolate Lovers Part 2

Rafael Falcon is now an amazing Chocolate Scientist. Nancy ‘Harsh’ is trying to sabotage Rafael’s delicious Falcon Bars. He realized that somebody was watching him, so he used it to his advantage.”Wow! I was right! The chocolate bars do have a secret imgredient that I probably dropped into the mixture by accident when I was making it!” He exclaimed to his fellow workers.

“Aha! I knew it. All I have to do is steal this so called ‘special’ ingredient, but what is it?” Questioned Nancy to herself.

Little did she know there was no special ingredient. It was just his own recipe. People had already put these ingredients into their chocolate bars, but the difference was nobody had used them all together!

Smart! Isn’t it!

In the end everybody was fine because Nancy Tarsh was never to be seen again!

To be continued…..

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