School in Saudi Arabia

Hello again everyone,

It’s great to know all of you are doing very well in BVPS! As I have got some time, I would love to tell you all about my school, here in Saudi Arabia…

Firstly, my weekdays are Monday-Thursday!?!?!?! Everyday our lessons are different, however we always have maths. I have 5-7 lessons as day. Our school starts at 7:35am and ends at 2:45pm. Because of the time my school starts and how far away I live from it, I have to wake up in the morning at 4:30!My school is called BISR, short for British International School Riyadh. My school has a swimming pool inside it. My school is reeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy HUGE, but the playground is tiny. My school is not just a primary school it goes from nursery to college. The year group for year 6 has 5 classes. I am in year 6AE ( Mrs A.Ellam). In my school I am a school counciler (one from each class) and I have won numerous other awards, thanks to all the teachers from BVPS for teaching me and helping me improve my skills! Now for the best part……my school has a starbucks in the secondary school building. How did you get starbucks to work in your school? A question I often ask myself. Only secondary students or older can buy things from it, but at the end of the day if you have money and if your with an adult you can get something from starbucks!!!

That’s pretty much everything about my school in Saudi Arabia if you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them in the comments!

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