Mysterious UFO Sightings? ( SATS Writing piece 3)

Tuesday 7th  January 2017 by Doa Abbas.

Yesterday at 17:38. an unbelievable event took place near the Arndale Shopping Center. Sighting from citizens and nearby shoppers, were being asked many questions; an unexpected aircraft had flown past Manchester, leaving everybody in awe!

                                              What Actually Happened?

The mysterious UFO, who everyone is talking about, left everyone surprised! Passengers from Turkish Airlines plane, could see the bizarre hovercraft. Surprisingly, the UFO was covered in jet-black paint. It zoomed past the Arndale Shopping Center, near the River Island exit ( that was where most people had seen it). Furthermore, it was seen near Saint Anne’s Square. Importantly, some people fainted due to the shocking surprise: they couldn’t believe their eyes!


A young student, called Mia, stated, ” I was really scared when it flew past; I didn’t know what to Earth I needed to do. So I took lots of pictures!”

Also, another young girl, whose name is Nicole, was shopping and noticed the unusual, unexpected, unexplained and weird – looking object. She quoted, “It was simply huge: it gave me goosebumps. At first I thought it was an alien invasion!” All children were mesmerized by the spaceship ( as they said), but adults were screaming. It was chaotic – nobody knew what to do.

We interviewed a teacher called Mrs Webb. She said not everybody panicked. At that time she was shopping with her four-year-old daughter, in River Island.

Currently, lots of reports are being handed in. Lots of witnesses are being asked questions by our journalists. We are wondering: why did it happen? How did it happen? What will happen next? Some people say it could have been an airplane; others say it was definitely a UFO!

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