The Moon Thief

Owls hooted eerily. Spine-chilling howls of wolves were heard. The deafening sound echoed through the wilderness. Reluctantly, Brooklyn crept into the petrifying forest; she had heard a lot about this monster. Before she ventured into the forest, her village told her to act calm. The ear-piercing sound of the wind whacked Brooklyn. Millions of tiny goosebumps pricked on her arms.

At last she approached her place. She knew exactly what she was doing: her plan was going to work. Time to time, she kept checking whether the moon was  still in it’s place, as it was about to be taken ( yet again) by the blood-curdling creature. Standing beside the ancient, stone well, Brooklyn took out her rusty, metal bucket and attached it to the dangling rope. it was a blanket of darkness. The only light provided was the moon. She didn’t want to make a single mistake.

Pretending to take water from the well, Brooklyn peered around- still no sign of the beast. Suddenly, a terrifyingly, rapid flash occurred, striking the rough concrete. “What was that?” she whispered to herself ” I don’t need to worry- hopefully it is not too harmful.” Even though she had a plan, she had huge butterflies: so big it felt like her tummy was going to explode! Having a brave personality, she wasn’t going anywhere, “it should be here,” she muttered. Petrified, scared, nervous, Brooklyn had an overwhelming urge to run.

All of a sudden, the shining light was gone. Hesitantly, Brooklyn turned around; ever so slowly. There was a hand! A huge, blue hand! Shivers were sent down her spine. The moon was taken by the deformed beast. He had colossal, hazel eyes; blood-red lips and bristly, blue fur covered him. What business did he have with the moon? She started to quiver – more like tremble. She asked “Why do you come? What do you want?” No reply. Taking out her jagged axe, as fast as a bird, the monster’s hand responded by reaching down and snatching it away. “Huh” she gasped.

The monster had taken her, grasping her tightly. The repulsive creature began running into the depths of the gloomy forest. Everything was a blur. In one had was Brooklyn; in the other the moon. she was blinded by the amount of light the moon produced. Seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned into awful moment. In the distance a towering house was revealed! The monster was running towards it – Brooklyn did not want to be there! ” I wonder if he is taking me there. I hope not because people say it’s haunted!” she whispered. The monster came to a sudden halt. The monster entered, ” NO!” she yelped. Too late – standing in front of them was a steel cage

Slowly, the beast opened the metal cage door and chucked the poo girl in. She landed with a thud. BANG! The cage door slammed shut. Trudging heavily, it began walking towards the door.”NO! Don’t go! Please don’t leave me here!” she begged. Clearly, the monster took no notice of the helpless girl. He left. What should she do?

Brooklyn had a mixture of feelings:scared, puzzled, desperate and so many more. From the corner of her eye, she saw a glint of light. It was the  key! The beast left the cage key right beside it. “He is so dumb! Ha! Ha!” She was so relieved. The happy girl took the key. She put them into the lock. It unlocked! Now all she had to do was run for her life, so that’s what she did. Brooklyn ran as fast as she could. She decided to run to her village. After many minutes she arrived back at her village.”Huh! You are back: village meeting!” yelled her aunt.

Obediently, everybody came. There were so many questions. When the questions were over, she told them what happened and told them to bring a trap and the catapult. Again, they listened. Also, they brought a rope net.

At last they reached the tattered well. The traps were set and the catapult was ready to launch the moon. There he was – standing in front of them. “Come and get me” demanded the cunning girl. The beast and Brooklyn would be playing a game. She lead the him to the trap, “Bye-bye,” she exclaimed. Up went the giant; down came the moon. Brooklyn rolled it back to the catapult and heaved it into the basket. “Would you like to do the honors?” asked her dad.                                                                                        “Yes please,” she replied. Brooklyn pressed the huge, red button. In an instant, the moon was thrown into the velvety sky.

There were a lot of cheers. She had defeated the monster! The next day she became an instant hero.”You will be known around the world!” yelled her uncle, over all the commotion.                                                                               “Thank you, uncle!” she replied happily.

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