The Amazing Unicat (SATS Writing Piece 2 Report on a fictional creature)

The Unicat is a species of cat, which has unique abilities. They are immensely complicated to train. Luckily, these tips will help you. A beautiful  Unicat is a cross-breed between a cat, a unicorn and a bird. Its lifespan is approximately twenty-six years.

                         What are a Unicats habits?

It’s extremely vital for a Unicat to do what they desire. If not then it will be in a bad mood! It has many habits – its favorite is to chase a ball or stick (a bit like a dog). Make sure you get a soft ball because its gums and teeth are very delicate. Additionally, its hobbies are sitting down with its owner when they are reading or watching something. When your Unicat gets tired, it is most likely that it will fall asleep for one hour. After one hour, it should be fully fresh.

                          How to train one

There are many different techniques to train your Unicat, but there is one specific way of doing it. All you will need is: a bucket, some flowers and a place to hide it. Put the flowers in the bucket; hide it in a demanding place; and let it track them down. This way you fascinating pet’s stamina will improve and so will its stealth. Remember, it will only train if you treat it after all the hard work. For a treat give it the flowers-the ones that you hid because then it will want to do more training.

                      What is a Unicats exercise routine?

There is one particular exercise it fancies: flying. A Unicat loves to take a fly around a forest. It only flies when the sun is up and shining; not when it is down. It gets panic-stricken if it is in the dark for any length of time – the main reason it might cuddle up in your bed at night. Your pet should fly for at least three days a week, for one and a half hours a day. Furthermore, it likes to walk a lot. If I were you, I’d start walking let your pet follow your example.

                                 A Unicats diet

Most importantly, a Unicat is a herbivore ( an animal that only eats plants like Conifers,Pinidae,Bromeliads, fruit or vegetables). It simply can’t digest meat: it gets stuck in its throat, which may cause it to choke or die. Make sure you don’t mush up the food or else it will think it is something disgusting and may get offended.

                                       Its Habitat

A Unicats natural habitat is an ombre pink and blue rainbow. When it gets transferred to an owner, it develops special skills which helps it to make its own crafty creation. Its home is made by using natural resources; don’t give it fake plants, or trees because the plastic might cause a horrible, loathsome rash, which will be incredibly hard to deal with. Furthermore, your splendid cross-breed pet will become severely ill, which may result in death.

                             What is a Unicats Personality?

One word can describe all Unicats: sensitive. It has been mentioned that a Unicat is an amazingly sensitive creature. It gets scared, upset or unhappy extremely quickly. It is recommended to avoid shouting, taking it into the dark or abusing it (you should not do that anyway) or it will take a great length of time to make amends!

A Unicat is a great pet to have around the house. If you ever get lucky and raise one, then use these tips- they are very helpful.

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