Diary of a viking kid 3

I woke up around half past three because I was so excited about Christmas, however I knew that I would get in trouble for waking up at such an early time, so I went back to sleep. I next woke at six and decided that the time was appropriate. I then ran and jumped on Asel shouting “Oden’s came!!!”

We then both woke mother and father and we all headed to the kitchen. We weren’t allowed to look at the tree until we had had breakfast. We all had bread and jam, me and Asel lacking every last drop off. We then went to the tree road see that Oden really had been. He had left us all sorts of treats such as: new clothes, sweets, satsumas and a few whistles and dolls made from bones and wood. It was amazing. We then all had Christmas dinner a little while later. This included: Chicken, sprouts, carrots and bread with a little soup.

Later on we all had crispy jam roll, which I had made yesterday.


Today was great and I can’t wait for next year!


Ase xxx


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