The Jungle Book

In the Jungle Book there are lots of characters such as Baloo the bear, Bagheera the black panther, Mowgli a man-cub and Shere Khan the evil tiger. Bagheera and Baloo are the best friends of Mowgli, but Shere Khan is there worst enemy. Mowgli has a mother wolf, father wolf and some wolf brothers. the monkey tribe and there leader King Louie are also there worst enemies of Mowgli.


I was very disappointed when Shere Khan died because he makes the story and the film more exiting. Shere Khan and Mowgli had a massive battle. Obviously Mowgli won the battle and killed Shere Khan. Shere Khan means tiger lord.


My favourite character is Bagheera or Shere Khan. The Jungle Book is appropriate for children over 6.

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