There was once a place called Nosyville , where all the men and women were extremely nosy.They were always onto everyone else’s business , and they used the phrase ‘mind your own business’ at least 10 times a day.


Now , in this town , there was some extremely , extremely nosy people . There was three of them , called Nosyposy , Nosyminnie and Nosychattachat . Nosyposy was a the group leader , who was destined to be the detective , to find out who was committing a crime . Nosyminnie was really small , and they used her to fit through small places , like keyholes [if there was a locked door] to find out what was going on .Nosychattachat was , basically , a sort of chatterbox , who would tell you all about what was going on in the crime scene.Together , they formed to make the ultimate Nosy Team.


One day , there was an ordinary man , walking along the street , when suddenly he heard loud shouting , and clattering coming from a house next to him . Of course , it was in his nosy nature to go up to the door and meddle in whatever was going on . So that’s what he did .


When that happened , he found what was going on when he peeped through the keyhole : theft . Immediately , he called the Nosy Team , and told them he had found out who the criminal was . Unlike what the other people of Nosyville , he didn’t stay there and poke into what was going on and do nothing about it , he did what was right and called the Nosy Team .


The Nosy Team thanked him again and again , after arresting the suspect for suspicion of theft on Miss Very Nosy’s pots and pans . They even said he could join their team !


They soon found out that his name was NosyBob , and he then took over the place of Nosyposy , as team captain ! Well done , NosyBob !

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