A day at Tiger’s house

“So , what do you wanna do?” asked Tiger , flopping down onto the bed , “I have loads of toys ,but after a bit they get a little boring.”


Lion , Leo the leopard and Tiger tapped their chins and scratched their heads in thought . They had never been to Tiger’s house before . This was exiting .


“Uhhh … do you know that game we play at school?That warrior game?”asked Leo , whilst thumping down on Tiger’s bed as well .


“Yeah! “answered Tiger and Lion with one voice , “That’s what we should do!”


So the three of them set off to finding things they could use for swords , armour and any other things that were warrior-like .

They seized all the kitchen playset tools for most of the things.They took pans and pots for helmets , scarves for oldern – style clothes , and knives and forks for swords .


Then they all huddled together and planned their battle plan .


“So … I’ll head south,”said Tiger , pointing towards the door.


“I’ll head west , and I forgot that in the game that we played last time we could’t go north because all the enemy’s traps were laid out there,”added Lion , looking across at Tiger and Leo , “So that leaves you to go east , Leo.”


The trio sped off all three directions , whilst Leo quickly set up one of Tiger’s toy snipers and set a teddy bear to sit behind it .He kept saying commands like “Duck” or “Jump” or “Run!QUICK!”.


After finishing a long game of Warriors , they all collapsed onto the bed , panting and sweating from jumping about.

“Now THAT was FUN.”Tiger panted , stretching out and letting his claws sink into his soft duvet. They had been doing so much exercise that they made sweat footprints on the carpet.


“Boys!”came Tiger’s mun’s voice from downstairs , “Come down! It’s time for Leo and Lion to go home!”


The boys shot downstairs in their usual manner , two steps at a time , thumping and making lots of noise.Lion and Leo’s mums were there , by the door chatting frantically about text messages and hairdos and makeup .


“Bye , Tiger! See you next time!”said Leo and Lion cheerfully.It had been a good day today , and they were hoping to come back again soon.



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