The Jungle Book

This book is amazing.I would give it 5 stars because it is interesting and it makes our lessons more exiting.It is a book by Rudyard Kipling.

You should really read this book because Mowgli lives in the jungle with Bagheera, the wolves, Baloo, chill Kaa, and the devilish Shere Khan would give up anything just to get rid of Mowgli.My favourite character  is  Shere Khan because he adds more to the story and without him there would be no problem and it would just be boring.


My favourite part is where mowgli kills shere by a stampede of bulls like in the lion king. I think shere khan deserved it because everything that he had done to Mowgli and tried to  kill him at council rock and almost killed the wolves his parents and his brothers and sisters.

I would say this book is suitible for the age of 6 or over.Please do not read if you are scared of tigers.I am saying this because there are scary scenes.


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