The Jungle Book

In the Jungle book the characters are Mowgli,Baloo ,Bagheera ,Akela ,Kaa ,Chill, Shere Kharn and the cubs.The characters are really kind because they protect Mowgli,but Shere Kharn is the only animal that hates Mowgli .Althouth Buldeo and the Charcoal burners want to kill Mowgli because they think he is a wizard

My favourite part of the story was when Mowgli got fire from the man village and put it on Shere Kharn because he was going to eat Mowgli. after that Shere Kharn  fell to the ground and died.

My least favourite part was at the start when Mowgli was a baby and everybody eles ran into there huts and left Mowgli when ShereKharn was there. Then Shere Kharn was going to eat Mowgli but he moved out the way then Shere Kharn burt himself because he fell into fire.

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