The Emerald Disguise!

One day, I was strolling through the forest with my friend Sapphire. We were trying to spot the most infrequent type of unicorn in the world!’The Emerald Disguise‘.

The Emerald Disguise has amazing powers such as: Shrinking and expanding (in size) and it can also make objects come to life by using it’s magical horn! This certain species of unicorn is very impressive when it comes to camouflaging.  (That is why it is incredibly difficult to find).

The air was moist and calm, and the the plants were as green as emeralds. Sparkling above  us, the sun was letting beams of light, shine through trees, that were like umbrellas. Everything was so peaceful, until me and Sapphire heard rustling by a prickly, berry bush. We gasped in astonishment. It couldn’t have been. It was impossible. How?

We silently tip-toed to the bush in shock only to find the most beautiful creature ever. IT WAS THE EMERALD DISGUISE! ”WE FOUND IT, WE ARE THE ONLY HUMANS IS THE WHOLE WORLD TO FIRST WITNESS THE EMERALD DISGUISE!!” Sapphire and I screamed in excitement. It had the most glittery horn and the most shamrock(green) skin!

After calming down, me and Sapphire realised that the unicorn was injured by a nasty wound on it’s hind leg. I quickly snatched the first aid kit from my rucksack, and bandaged the horrible cut up. The unicorn stood up and limped over to another bush. Me and Sapphire were awfully confused. We decided to follow it, until we soon noticed that it had disappeared. Luckily, Sapphire took many photos and videos on her phone.

Still amazed, me and my friend, decided not to bother the unique creature, and strolled home at a slow pace. What a wonderful day we had!

Image result for green unicorn

Adult Emerald Disguise.

Image result for baby green unicorn

Baby Emerald Disguise.

(Improved version)                                      By Sahifa Tahir 

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