The Big Match! Part 1

There was once a little boy called Jake. He really wanted something. Years and years he had been begging his mum and dad for a ticket to the Champions League final! North Minister United vs South Minister City. A couple of hours later, Jake’s dad (Cameron) came back to his lovely, sweet little home and said ” Jake guess what? I got tickets to the big game!”

“Dad I don’t know what to say to you!” said Jake with an enlightened voice.

” Maybe you could say thank you,” shouted Dad. And with that they set of to watch the match. “North Minister United!” screamed Jake.

But then disaster struck. The evil falcon appeared and crashed into Jake’s car.”Oh no what have you done to my beautiful Lamborghini!” exclaimed the evil falcon.

“What that old thing! I don’t even think that cost you a penny,” murmured Jake.

“Oh you will pay for that,” complained the evil falcon. As quick as a flash, Jake and his dad walked into the Wembley Stadium.” He’s on the ball he goes past one defender he goes past two and he scores! David Grendall scores for North Minister United!

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