Jungle Book Review

My favourite character is Mowgli even though he is 17 because he is very adventurous and clever.

My least favourite character is Shere Khan because when he tries to get Mowgli and he never ends up getting him


The main characters are

  • – Mowgli

  • – Shere Khan

  • – Kaa

  • – Monkeys

  • – Wolf Pack

  • – Bageera

  • – Baloo

  • – Chil

My favourite part is when Mowgli ends up going to his mums house when he is 17.

My least favourite part is when he is a boy

This is a book for the gory because in one part of the story there are dead bodies so if you wantto skip the chapter it is called a cruel thing. Not for the scemish.

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