Jungle book

The author of Jungle Book is Pippa Goodheart and Rudyard Kipling. Baloo was really funny and he  was really hungry. Bagheera is really brave and also in the beginning and the end he gave the wolf pack a fresh bull. One to let Mowgli stay and one to let him go. Shere Khan is mean and cruel because he tries to kill Mowgli. Kaa tries to kill Mowgli in the film ,but in the book he helps Mowgli. Chil is kind because he help Baloo and Bagheera to save Mowgli.

I was surprised that Buldeo tied up Mowgli’s mum and dad because he thought Mowgl’s parents were a wizard and a witch. I was upset because Shere Khan died so easily.

I think year 3 and year 5 will enjoy this book ,but i think years under year 3 or year 2 will not understand it. Also i don’t know if year 6 will like it ,but i think they will enjoy the jungle book.





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