a special dog

In the middle of the town, there lived a man  and he had a dog that was very well trained. A  few years later he had a child called Freya and she was only young when sadly her mother died. The man, who then had no wife, had his daughter and dog left.

Years after that, it was a hard life for him, but he wasn’t alone. Soon after that they ran out of food, so that was  when the man had to start poaching. The man was worried, worried because this meant that he had to leave his beige, cute dog with the baby. Later on this day, he set of, but before he left his small,brown hut he wanted the dog to look after the baby. Once he got into the dark, gloomy forest he straight away saw a brown, big deer. Slowly , he approached this prey and then bang!

Like the man said, the dog stuck to the promise, but then something loud, fierce neared the window.Alarmed, alarmed because he heard a loud noise outside. As quick as a flash, something large and aggressive leaped through the window…
how do you think the dog felt? scared?brave? worried? Suddenly, the dog let out a loud bark and then attacked . With a claw in the face from the dog this attacking, black beast let out a real painful howl, so that meant a win from the dog and a loose for the wolf. This meant that the dog had protected the small,cute baby and done what the man said.

Once the man had arrived, the man saw blood that was on the dogs mouth. The man was not happy, so he took out his sword and had a clean strike which meant the dog had died. With anger the man went over to the cot and saw the little girl fast a sleep in her cot  and the beast dead on the floor. The man asked him self, why did this happen to me!

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