PGL 2017 – Wednesday

Another glorious day meant that we were all raring to go for today’s activities: Trapeze, Problem Solving, Abseiling, Vertical Challenge, Sensory Trail, High Ropes and All Aboard. Trapeze involves climbing a telegraph pole with a wooden square – the size of a pizza box – at the top. When we got there, we had to stand up, walk towards the edge and make a death-defying leap to grab a bar in front of us. Problem solving made us work as a team to try to succeed in a number of interesting challenges. Abseiling was where we went to the top of a tower and made our way down. Some walked whilst others jumped and dropped! Vertical challenge is where we have to get to the top by getting past rope ladders, tyres, a climbing wall and netting. Sensory trail helps us to realise how important sight is as we have to get through an obstacle course with all of our group blindfolded. High ropes is like an obstacle course in the sky – not for the faint hearted! All aboard builds even further on our teamwork skills as we have to work together to climb onto circular boards getting smaller and smaller until we reach the top. If you reach the top, you can dance and then have a battle to see who falls off first! Great fun. It has been really pleasing to see how much more confident the children have become and they are building new friendships. Today was a sad day because we said goodbye to Ms Dobson, but on a brighter note, we welcomed Miss Webb. Tonight we have played wacky races that have had us doing lots of silly things in our groups. Everyone is ready for bed following our extremely active day.

To see photos of the day, click here:

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