PGL 2017 – Tuesday

Today was our first day of activities and what a day! We woke up to sunshine and birds singing even if it was a little cold. We had a hearty breakfast in preparation for the activities. Today each group had a mixture of fun-filled challenges. These included: Giant Swing, Tunnel Trail, Jacob’s Ladder, Orienteering, Aeroball and Archery. Giant Swing is a test of our nerves – you are pulled up high and have to be brave enough to pull the rope to drop down and enjoy the ride! Tunnel Trail allows us to play lots of games such as Pac Man vs Ghosts in underground tunnels that we had to crawl through. Jacob’s Ladder involves working as a team to work our way up logs that get further and further apart the higher you get. It also allowed us to learn an important skill for the week ahead – how to belay! Orienteering helped us to practise our map-reading skills and use our ability to work in a team. Aeroball is like basketball but on trampolines – lots of fun! Archery got us aiming at different targets and firing arrows at high velocity. The evening ended with a campfire where we sang lots of silly songs and included some crazy dances. We have had so much fun today and can’t wait to continue our adventure tomorrow.

To see photos of the day, click here:

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