PGL 2017 – Monday


Today we were very lucky as our journey to PGL was a smooth one with no traffic. When we were close and could actually see the site, our excitement grew. There were many looks of amazement as we got our first view of activities such as the high ropes. We were even more fortunate because our rooms were available when we got there: lovely log cabins. After we had dropped our luggage off, it was time for lunch: pizza day! We all enjoyed it and then we had some time to explore the site. The weather today has rained on and off and as we were walking around, it rained. That didn’t dampen our spirits though and it made us even more eager to experience all of the activities that we saw. Some of us then headed to the football pitch, whilst others went to the sports hall for rounders and basketball. Another delicious dinner boosted our energy for playing ambush this evening. We had to work as a team to find a hiding place somewhere in the sheer darkness of the grounds and hope that the other team, who were trying to find us, went past our hiding spot without finding us. If they did, we won the game. It’s the end of an enjoyable day, but we can’t wait for tomorrow when we have our first proper activities!


To see photos of the day, click here:

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