What i did on my holidays! Year 6W Homework

Today i went to my friends birthday, it was really fun! First,i for dressed and ready for the party. Next,i got picked up from my other friend, who was also invited to the birthday. When i arrived, we had a great time playing party games. Soon when we got tired out and took a break so we had food and sweets. Then loads more people started to arrive at 5’o’ clock. We the played so many games and i won 1 game, which was Musical Chairs. Then we done some Just Dance where you basically dance with another person.Finally, we cut the cake which looked super delicious! After the cake we did more dancing and playing games. At the end, we got a cupcake and you could choose any. I had chosen a delicious red velvet cupcake.We also got a party bag. It was great fun, but we had to head back home because it was getting really late so we went home and then the day was over.

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