The water cycle

The water cycle has 4 steps. They are evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection.


The first step of the water cycle

When the water in the sea is getting heated up, it turns into gases called water vapour. It will rise up in the air since it’s light to clouds. This is called evaporation.


The second step of the water cycle

When the water vapour goes more higher in the sky, it gets cold and they start forming one raindrop. This is called condensation.


The third step of the water cycle

The water vapour starts to form a heavy raindrop, snow or hail. Then it starts to fall from the cloud to the ground. This is called precipitation.


The last step of the water cycle

Then the raindrops, snow, or hail falls somewhere in the ground or the ocean, swamp etc. There are two types of collections. They are human collection and earth collection. Human collection is where we get it from our taps and drink it. Earth collection is where the rain ends up somewhere on the ground. This is called collection.



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