The Water Cycle

                             The Water Cycle



What is The Water Cycle ?


The Water Cycle is a cycle that keeps on going on and on and on and on , that consists of four main stages: EVAPORATION , CONDENSATION , PRECIPITATION , and COLLECTION .These steps are what can join together to create the water that we drink , use to wash clothes , use to grow food , etc.




Lets talk about EVAPORATION EVAPORATION is the first step of The Water Cycle , and this is where the Sun comes out . If there are any puddles , the Sun will sort of  . . . suck up the water to the sky in tiny water vapours that are so small and invisible that we cannot see them . The Sun will bring them all the way up into the sky , and they prepare for the next step . 


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Lets talk about CONDENSATION CONDENSATION is the second step of The Water Cycle ,    after EVAPORATION . This is where in the air , the water vapours are freezing as it is so cold , and are joining together to form clouds . Then they float about , wherever the breeze takes them , waiting for the next step .

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Lets talk about CONDENSATION . CONDENSATION is the third step of The Water Cycle , after EVAPORATION and CONDENSATION . This is where the clouds’ water vapours are joining together , getting heavier . As a result , they get too heavy to hold up and fall down as rain . Then they fall down in the air , waiting for the next step .

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Lets talk about COLLECTION COLLECTION is the fourth step of The Water Cycle , after EVAPORATION ,CONDENSATION and PRECIPITATION . This is where the raindrops are collected in seas , oceans , lakes , or even just with the other puddles , and goes away with the flow .

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That all in The Water Cycle , which repeats over and over and over again , never stopping .It is probabaly happening right now !

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